It is with great pleasure that we extend our cordial invitation to the Dhirubhai Ambani International School Model United Nations Conference (DAIMUN) 2024

As we commemorate our 21st DAIMUN conference, we eagerly await the arrival of delegates to India's largest THIMUN-affiliated conference. This year too, DAIMUN remains resolute in its dedication to fostering a global perspective among emerging leaders, instilling values of excellence and unwavering commitment.

Against an increasingly intricate geopolitical and socio-economic landscape, it is imperative that we, as global citizens, strive toward multilateral integration. Therefore, it is with great honor that we introduce this year's theme: "Diversity, Democracy, and Diplomacy."

DAIMUN 2024 serves as a platform where passionate leaders converge, engaging in diplomatic discussions and negotiations to craft impactful resolutions. It stands as a catalyst for change, nurturing collective growth, and, above all, facilitating profound learning – embodying these aspects with utmost significance.

We eagerly anticipate the distinguished presence of delegates this fall at DAIMUN 2024.